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The Telescopic Dolly was specifically designed for use with the Techno-Jib. 

This unique 4-wheel dolly with telescoping column incorporates the advantages of the heavier crane dollies with the agility and versatility of a lighter version. 

The telescopic post offers 16" of smooth, quiet vertical travel with the push of a button. Its fast-acting parking brake and heavy-duty leveling jacks ensure secure, solid footing while its steering wheel makes wheeling it around the set a breeze. In fact, the "dual steering" feature allows the dolly to be steered either from front or the rear. It can go from pneumatic tires to stage wheels in mere minutes.

The Telescopic Dolly has built-in track wheels so it can be used on industry-standard 1-meter track. We also offer a 62 cm. version of the dolly for use on standard narrow track. Its 2 sunken basin compartments allow for stowage of gear.

The Telescopic Dolly can also be used with any other camera jib system weighing less than 1,200 pounds.

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